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The very best Marshmallows ever...I have one slowly melting in my coffee this morning.

Heather, Lexington, Kentucky


The favors for my daughter's baby shower were provided by The Marshmallows Company.  Imagine lavender-lemon zest creamy yummy treats.  The guests were thrilled.  I have purchased several other flavors for friends as thank you gifts and they have asked for more.  I recommend buying these all natural marshmallows for unique tasty take-away gifts at bridge parties, brunches,children's birthday parties and open houses. 

 Phyllis, Cleveland OH


Several years ago I began ordering marshmallows to give out as Christmas gifts to my friends and family.  They are so excited when I bring them these tasty treats.  I have one friend in particular that once she tasted these marshmallows (on the way home to her family) she immediately stopped at the grocery store to buy a bag of marshmallows so she could keep The Marshmallows Company’s all to herself.  I now know to bring her 2 bags.  I have placed several orders from The Marshmallows Company and have always been pleased with the freshness of these marshmallows.

Heather, Columbus Ohio


Your vanilla marshmallows in a cup of coffee with vanilla creamer - to die for!

Becky, South Dakota


I received your marshmallows in the mail the other day. Not only did they travel beautifully though the 90+ degree heat, but they were absolutely delicious. They were absolutely the best marshmallows I have ever eaten! I can't wait to taste any more flavors you come up with!

Morgan, Montana



These handmade marshmallows... 

make amazing wedding favors ,corporate gifts, showers, party treats and Christmas gifts- dream up your favorite flavor!

Ordering Info:

The Marshmallows Company marshmallows are one of a kind. Our customers say they are the most "melt-in-your-mouth" scrumptious marshmallows they have ever tasted...and we agree. These billowy clouds of yumminess are handmade and hand cut at our commercial kitchen

in the revitalized old country post office overlooking the bluegrass foothills. Using only the finest ingredients with no added preservatives or artificial flavorings, The Marshmallows Company strives to make the best quality, best tasting marshmallow possible.

Eaten as a late night snack, in a cup of cocoa or coffee, roasted to perfection for s'mores or melted down into amazing crispy treats, these marshmallows have endless possibilities.



We sell both wholesale and retail and love custom orders. We will even design custom labels for your special occasion.

FOR MORE INFO PLEASE EMAIL: canaan@themarshmallowscompany.com


We accept all major credit cards and Paypal payments.

Please Note: You do not need to be a member of Paypal, or have a Paypal account to place an order. You can simply use your credit card at checkout. 


Our marshmallow ingredients are gluten free, egg free and nut free although they are not made in a gluten, egg and nut free kitchen. Every cooking instrument is sanitized thoroughly prior to making marshmallows. Ingredients: sugar, water, gelatin, corn syrup (no high fructose) & natural flavoring.